process/file memory monitor

Memzoom lets you view/monitor the raw memory of processes/files in your UTF-8 terminal.

Memzoom is like the less command except designed for binary data with live updates. It represents non-ASCII characters using IBM Code Page 437 as a base-256 binary alphabet. It implements zooming via CTRL+MOUSEWHEEL which uses an image scaling algorithm (better than Lanczos!) that enables you to monitor large amounts of virtual memory at once. Memzoom uses ANSI color sequences to help you differentiate sparse from dense data. Lastly it can render memory along a space-filling curve to preserve locality, using a technique that's similar to what's described here.

Linear Memory Order
Renders memory bytes using traditional left-to-right ordering.

screencast of linear memory order

Hilbert Memory Order
Renders memory bytes along a Hilbert curve.

screencast of Hilbert memory order

Morton Memory Order
Renders memory bytes along a Z-order curve.

screencast of Morton memory order

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