process/file memory monitor

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80k - PE+ELF+MachO+ZIP+SH executable
1.2m - ELF debug symbols and DWARF data (optional)

Getting Started

curl >
chmod +x
./ -h                 # show help
./ filename           # view binary file
./ -p $(pidof htop)   # view process memory

If your terminal uses a white or light-colored background (instead of black) then pass the -w flag.

Memzoom relies on the /proc filesystem to view the memory of active processes, which may require sudo access. If your system doesn't have /proc you can still view binary files.

Linux Notes

If you get an error like "unable to find an interpreter" or "err:module:import_dll Library" then your system has likely been tuned to use binfmt-misc. You can safely restore the default Linux behavior for just Actually Portable Executables by running the following command:

sudo sh -c "echo ':APE:M::MZqFpD::/bin/sh:' >/proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/register"

Mac OS X Notes

You may need to run:

bash -h
Instead of:
./ -h
This only applies to the first invocation, after which the executable header is patched to have the MachO magic number. It's needed because the recently introduced zsh shell has backwards compatibility issues with UNIX.

Windows Notes

You may need to run: -h
Instead of:
./ -h

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